Skin Care

homeboxpic1Your skin is the biggest organ of your body! Keep it looking and feeling great through regular visits to Tuya Spa. We’ll care for you from head to toe through a variety  of treatments that we provide. We only use top-of the-line ingredients and the latest techniques to bring you the best results. Whether you have problem areas with your skin or  just looking for overall improvements in appearance and tone, we can help. All our treatments allow you not only take care of your skin but also relax and release the tension of the muscles of neck, shoulders and scalp.


Anti-Aging Facial   |  60min  $125

If you feel like your skin needs additional hydration, lacks elasticity and it is time to take care of fine lines and wrinkles, this facial is for You! It includes an enzyme peel  for the exfoliation; the collagen mask which work effectively to boost your collagen production and hydrate your skin.

Anti-Acne Facial  |  60 min $125

If you have oily skin with appearance of blemishes and breakouts, enlarged clogged pores that need to be extracted,  this facial is for You! It includes thorough extractions,  a salicylic peel and cooling calming mask.

Brightening Facial  |  60 min $85

If you have “sun” spots and pigmentation that need to be taken care of to improve the tone of your skin, this facial is just for You! It includes extractions, dark spot diminishing peel and a tone brightening mask.

Quick fix  |  30 min $45

 If you don’t have the full hour, but still would like to freshen up the appearance of your skin, this facial is for You! The treatment includes light exfoliation and a mask that suits your skin type.

Back facial  |  60 min $95

If you have some dress with an open back waiting in the closet; or you just would like to take care of the skin on the back; this treatment is for You! It’s identical to an Essential Facial but on the back.

Signature Facial  |  90 min $165

If you feel like spoiling yourself and forgetting all the problems of the day, this facial is for You! It’s our Essential Facial  but with extra pampering and additional treatments: a peel of your choice/microdermabrasion,  an anti-aging serum and targeted seaweed mask.

Essential Facial   |  60 min $85

If you don’t have any particular concern with your skin, but still would like to take good care of it, this facial is for You!  It includes the essentials – cleansing, exfoliation with the polishing scrub, extractions. And it suits any type of skin. It can be customized for you with additional treatments: targeted seaweed mask, collagen mask, enzyme peel, glycolic or salicylic peel or microdermabrasion.

Additional Treatments (can be added to any facial):

Targeted Seaweed Mask       $15

Collagen Serum                      $15

Enzyme Peel                            $25

Glycolic/ Salicilic Peel             $45

Alpha Beta Peel                      $55

Microdermabrasion               $45

Collagen Mask                        $25



Underarms- $25
Brazilian bikini-$65
Full arms-$45
Half arms-$25
Full legs-$65
Half legs-$35